Let me tell you one thing: last year, when BAT opened in London at the Coliseum, I was reluctant to go. I was thinking how can I possibly like the story of a bunch of kids who are fighting a dictator in a post-apocalyptic world with Meat Loaf’s rock and roll soundtrack?

Then I saw it. And I loved it. And then I saw it again. And I loved it again.

This year, I saw it again and I loved it even more.


I was reflecting on the reason of that and the answer is that Bat out of hell has it all: the music of course, especially the ballads of the second act, the set and the effects that are just jaw-dropping, charismatic actors with terrific voices and the spectacular choreography.

Strat/Andrew Polec and Raven/Christina Bennington are stars, and their chemistry is palpable. I don’t know how they can sing like this every night. But their love story is not the only one in the show: there is the one between Zahara/Danielle Steers and Jagwire/Wayne Robinson; the vibe they give to “Two out of three ain’t bad” and their energy is unique. They are a pleasure to see and to listen to.

There is also the unreciprocated love story between Tink/Alex Thomas-Smith and Strat and “Not allowed to love” is a moving track, sung so tenderly by Alex.

Finally, there is the fading love between Falco/Rob Fowler and his wife Sloane/Sharon Sexton that is probably the most complex. Rob and Sharon fill their characters with regrets, tenacity of not giving up, darkness and humour at the same time. Their rendition of “What part of my body hurts the most” is just beautiful – my favourite song of the show - terrific, terrific vocals.

Now, not everything is gold: dialogues can be ridiculous and some twists of the plot too but come on- who cares?

Bat out of hell is a show that encompasses everything what a West End musical should have: it is perfectly executed, it is magnificently spectacular and will be impressed in your memory for long time.  Marvellous!