So much has been already written about Hamilton, and, as you know, it won 7 awards at the Olivier few days ago.

So, my trip to the Victoria Palace Theatre was to understand the reason of this success and I will give you the 3 reasons why I think it deserves it.

First, is the hype.  You can smell the excitement in the room. On my left, there are few girls (probably around 16 years old) who know all the actors and the songs, word by word. On my right, a couple who came here 5 times. And this is impressive, especially considering the price of the tickets. So, you can feel this enthusiasm and of course, you become enthusiastic and excited too. It is the kind of feeling "it is going to be a special night" one. And it really is a special night.

Second: the music. Music is what made and makes Hamilton famous. And, as any musical, this is the most important thing: good music. The music style is not uniform and goes from hip-hop to operetta, to rock, R&B, jazz and pop to catch better the spirit of the narrative. And it is amazing.

Third: the choreography and the performances are outstanding. All the cast is amazing. From the dancers to the actors, what a blast! I will not mention single persons because each one deserves all the applauses of the audience.


Personally, I found some parts maybe more difficult to follow than others, and it is indeed a long musical (almost 3 hours).


I don't know if Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius. But someone who can pack theatres with screaming teenagers, or couples attending for the 5th time and in general British people going nuts over a musical about American history, for sure must be a specially gifted man.