I wish my life were like a musical it is a comedy musical revue by Alexander S. Bermange  that celebrates the good and the bad of being a theatre performer and, in general, about “the show business”.


We see the 4 singers Suzie Mathers, Oliver Savile, Liam Tamne, Diana Vickers going through different stages of the career of an aspiring actor: the auditions, breaks, understudies, being diva, and so on. Even if it is a satire, it makes you reflect on how not easy is the life of somebody who aspires to work in the musical theatre. And the audience were really close to the singers in their failures, empathizing with them.


The cast is strong and well assembled and there is an evident chemistry. But for me, a part for few numbers like The diva is here (Suzie Matthers), or Standing by (Liam Tamne), the music was repetitive and the songs pretty much alike – probably the subject did not help to broad the variety. Also the dialogues were delivered reading cue cards and I was wondering why the actors could not have learnt few lines.


This is probably a show that will be loved by many musical fans, and even if I recognize the intelligence of the script and the strong vocals, I left the venue unsatisfied.