Sophie (Dylan Morris) and Ben (Conor Burke) are very different. She is a beautiful girl, with a regular job and who likes to plan her life. He is an awkward guy, unsure about his future; he is hypochondriac and well…not so beautiful.


The show is the story of their relationship, and we go back and forth with flashbacks from the moment they meet at a party until the tragic end.


The play is about love and modern-day relationships, about finding somebody who really loves and understands us for what we are and about the strength of attachment. It is also about Tinder, domestic abuse, self-confidence, death and loss and more – quite ambitious project for a new born theatre company.


But it works, because in the 60 minutes Sophie and Ben take us in a natural and sensible way – with a great acting -through all this.


Sophie, Ben and Other Problems is aN excellently written, engaging, funny and moving play that we recommend.