Harold and Maude is a comedy about a friendship (or maybe something more) between a young awkward man Harold (Patrick Walshe McBride) who is obsessed with death and suicide and a septuagenarian bohemian woman Maude (Linda Marlowe). And let me tell you that the chemistry between the two actors really works.

One of the good thing about this show, is that you can leave the world behind and see it for a couple of hours with the eyes of this odd couple. And think how it would be much better with more people like them – especially Maude – around.

The six supporting actors play also instruments and the musical accompaniment fits beautifully into the story and gives a nice athmosphere. All the cast is superb and the staging is original and imaginative.

It is a sweet, funny, romantic and innocent comedy with endearing characters. I laughed and cried. And this is what good entertaining theatre should do.