Sherlock's fans rejoice... you can finally step inside the famous flat  221b Baker Street, and solve uncrackable cases only the renowned detective himself could solve. The time is now upon us, with this immersive experience, ‘Sherlock - The game is now’. 

Set inside the seemingly plain and non-conspicuous ‘Doyle’s Opticians’, you’re invited for your ‘appointment’. Of course, once taken through to the room for your examination, the extent of your appointment is revealed. You’re here for ‘The Network’, the newest recruits set with a dangerous new mission... to foil the plan of the notorious Moriarty. 

You’re immediately taken through to the interior of the famous Baker Street flat and briefed by Sherlock and Dr Watson. You have one hour to escape through three separate rooms to stop Moriarty’s evil plan. Even before the wall passage slides open and the hour begins, the set is brilliant: fans (and not) of the show will appreciate the attention to detail in the similarity it bares to the show. 

Once the time begins, you’re straight into the action: everyone in your team is involved. There’s plenty to do for each person as you navigate through conundrums and clues all the way to the final room. There’s so much packed into the hour that you really do get value for money. With a few physical aspects but majority mental puzzles, there’s a real sense of achievement upon completion (if you do complete it of course!)

With a group of friends, this is a great laugh! The perfect start to an evening or a brilliant ice breaker if placed with other members of the public. Once again fans of the show should definitely book this as it captures the aspects of the show that have made it as popular and successful as it has become. 

Even as a stand-alone escape room, it’s an exciting addition and one filled with lots of surprises and interactive sections that make it well worth doing. You may just come out of there wanting to pick up a magnifying glass and start cracking your own cases.


Review: George Butler