A (Alistair Toovey) and B (Helena Wilson) have a sex relationship, with little space for anything else. B would like something more, but A does not. When their relationship ends, C (Gianbruno Spena) gives A the chance of something serious…a real relationship. But is it really what B wants?


This play should explore the casual relationship and the "Tinder culture" we live in, but it does that very superficially.

The first part rotates around A and B and their toxic relationship; dialogues are straightforwardly related to sex as they battle ferociously (for what?). Then, when C arrives, things get even more confusing.

The set -  a big bed surrounded by a fluorescent light – is well designed and the actors are indeed very good in putting some life inside this poor script: B is fragile and emotional, A is beautiful, self-confident and fearless, and C is a flattering nerd (not a big part but Gianbruno does a good job).

But all this does not change the fact that the characters go round in circles with dialogues with little meaning and I could not find much sense in these 80 minutes, and definitely not the "exploration of the hook-up culture”.