Following the 2005 terror attack in London, and in particular the bomb that exploded in the tube train at Liverpool Street Station, this play looks at the life of 4 teenagers, their relationships, the discovery of sexuality and – on the other side - the life of a Muslim teacher who was on the train of the bomb - but he survived. His pain (what we would call post-traumatic disorder) and anger are represented by monologues, addressed to the audience.

The teacher’s (Osman Baig) story is engaging and emotional. The 4 young actors play with energy their roles: from Anjum (Naina Kohli) who finds that her friends are looking at her with different eyes now just because of her race, to Destiny (Holy Ashman) who shows us the glow of the first love, from Katie (Emelia Marshalll Lovsey) with her innocence to Jack – probably my favourite performance.

The only thing is that their relationship and the dialogues seemed to me a bit cliché’ (ok they are teenagers so you expect chats about sex, alcohol and lot of bad words, but still..) and I think that with more time, and more exploration of the characters – necessary to create sympathy and connection with the audience) this could have been a more powerful and punching play.


Our big love story talks about important issues and I wish theatre would talk more about them. And definitely is a good piece of contemporary theatre.