Michael (Adam Hannigan) and Jacob (James Ladbards) have invited for a game night – but mostly to announce the engagement- some friends: Kate (Amelie Rose) with her husband Tom (Jimmy Jameson) and Rori (Ryan McGonagle). But also Claire (Tiffany Robinson) joins the party, having invited Shane (Blair Gibson), who is also Jacob’s ex-boyfriend. The night will go in a way that Michael and Jacob did not have predict…


Game night is pure comedy, and the cast keeps the clever jokes flowing and the pace fast. The chemistry of the 7 actors is translated into the stage and it really seems you are watching real-life friends (but not so friends after all).

I don’t remember to have laughed so much watching a show since Romantics Anonymus.

Chapeau to Adam Hannigan (who wrote and directed it) and I am sure we will hear about his brilliant writing in the future. This one could easily be a successful show for a much bigger stage.

Somebody said that humor is the quality to rout out the dark of life and create the beaming smile. Game night created so many smiles and laughs in the audience for 80 minutes.

And these days, that means a lot.