This is a new version of Marivaux’s classic farce by Nigel Planer. 

Kamala (Goldi Notay) wants her daughter Rani (Sharon Singh) to marry successful businessman Raj (Adam Samuel-Bal). Rani bristles at going down the conventional route and arranges a test for Raj. She convinces her cousin Sita (Kiren Jogi) to swap places and pretend to be the suitable bride – unaware that Raj has come up with the same scheme with his driver, Nitin (Ronny Jhutti).


It is a fast paced comedy, loud and coloured, and is a lot of fun. Ok, the plot might be a bit overused (characters swapping roles to test their love) but it essentially a farce, and you have to take it for what it is. The script is witty, with lot of energy, some dancing and singing too.

A very talented cast of 6, definitely a great group of actors! Recommended for an easy and entertaining night out.