What do you get when Shakespeare meets audience suggestions? The History of Keith of Southend and the Comedy of Clarissa of Glasgow, naturally! 

Shake It Up have returned to The Other Palace with their unique improv show, taking audience prompts and turning them into plays inspired by William Shakespeare himself. 

It really is an evening of raucous laughter and high-quality entertainment for all, but fans of the Bard will be particularly tickled by the iambic improvisation and nods to Shakespeare's original works. 
All the performers are fabulous, though it is a slight shame that the unruly talent of some serves to highlight where this piece's true potential is missed elsewhere.

Fred Di Rosa is a master of the audience-aside, keeping us in fits of giggles throughout. James Dart, artistic director and performer, is nothing short of a genius - his spontaneous mastery of the English language rivals Shakespeare himself and he understands perfectly how to weave the audience's unique suggestions into his verse and prose. Matching him in talent and flare (and arguably the shining star of last night's performance) is James Alston, who manages to guide the narrative appropriately without it feeling too forced, while maintaining an impressive imitation of Elizabethan text. 

An exceptional example of brilliant improv, and a wonderfully joy-filled night of theatre, Shake It Up are performing at The Other Palace until 13th July. 

Review: Penny Lane