The Queen of Cups' "Summoning Sondheim" is a deliciously irreverent and unapologetically niche cabaret that will have musical theater aficionados cackling with glee. This campy comedy séance is a love letter to the late, great Stephen Sondheim, and it's an absolute riot.

From the moment the cloaked figures of Grace O'Keefe and Jordana Belaiche welcome us into their ritual, we're transported into a whimsical world where Sondheim's spirit is summoned through parodies, personal anecdotes, and a hilariously trashy medium. The performers' infectious energy and impeccable vocals make for a thoroughly entertaining evening, even when impromptu mishaps occur.

While the show assumes a certain level of Sondheim knowledge, that's part of its charm. "Summoning Sondheim" is an inside joke for theater kids, reveling in the legendary composer's iconic works like "Into the Woods" and "Sweeney Todd." The niche humor might leave non-initiates feeling a bit lost, but for those in the know, it's a delightfully self-aware celebration of Sondheim's enduring legacy.

Beneath the campy exterior lies a genuine affection for Sondheim and his impact on musical theater. O'Keefe and Belaiche pay tribute to the man who inspired countless artists, despite never having children of his own. Their reverence for his genius shines through, even as they poke loving fun at the theater world's quirks and obsessions.

With its perfect blend of silliness, heart, and musical theater worship, "Summoning Sondheim" is a must-see for anyone attending the Edinburgh Fringe this summer. O'Keefe and Belaiche have crafted a delightfully unique and entertaining show that will leave Sondheim devotees thoroughly satisfied and newcomers intrigued by the legendary composer's enduring appeal.


Review: Bibi Lucille