Award-winning comedian Zoe Lyons has been taken over in body and mind by the almighty in An Act of God. The self-confessed, "lapsed Catholic lesbian" has been chosen to deliver God's message that he has rewritten the ten commandments to suit the modern world along with some other answers added in.

Playwright David Javerbaum used his unverified Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod as the basis for this play which first opened in 2015 on Broadway. The account is still running with over six million followers.

God aka Lyons enlists the help of Archangel Michael ( Matt Tedford) and Archangel Gabriel(Tom Bowen ) to help with these changes and answer some questions that have concerned mankind for many years. "Why do bad things happen to good people?" simply answered because "Too many good things happen to bad people " it's done to balance things out.

The one-liners are delivered in an abundance with Lyons taking well-known acts of god from the Bible and explaining them in-depth as to why they happened. Ever wondered what the truth behind Noah's Ark was? You will find the answer here.

One of the miracles from the Bible takes place when she literally turns water into wine by her Archangel Gabriel pouring water into a seemingly empty cocktail glass and it turning red to represent red wine.

Rebellious Archangel Michael dares to challenge God on several occasions and the effects used to create the dramatic effect of God losing his/her temper are very impressive. With demonic sound effects booming out and the lights dimming and turning red.

Directed by Benji Sperring An Act of God's satirical look through the eyes of God himself is definitely worth going to see. The cast is a perfect fit to deliver these messages after all everything needs to be updated once every couple of few centuries.


It runs until 12 January


Review: Elaine Chapman            Photo: Geraint Lewis