In the world of fantasy musicals, few stories capture the imagination quite like Wicked. Set in the magical land of Oz, this beloved tale, which will soon grace the silver screen, captivates audiences with its intriguing storyline, vibrant characters, and stunning costume design. Costume design plays a pivotal role in bringing fantasy worlds to life both on the stage and on the big screen. In the case of Wicked: Part One, the costumes designed by Paul Tazewell serve as a visual representation of the characters' personalities and the fantastical realm they inhabit. 


For theatre and fashion enthusiasts looking to infuse a touch of magic into their wardrobes, Wicked is a delightful choice. Incorporating elements of Oz-inspired fashion and eyewear allows individuals to channel the whimsy and charm of this musical film into their everyday looks. Let's explore some key clothing and accessory pieces from Wicked and how you can integrate them into your own style.


Glinda's romantic dresses


Directed by visionary filmmaker Jon M. Chu, Wicked: Part One boasts a stellar cast, including Ariana Grande as Glinda and Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba. Just like in the stage production, Glinda is known for her elegant and fashionable wardrobe. Her glamorous gowns, adorned with delicate lace, glitter detailing, and flowery sleeves, reflect her ethereal beauty and graceful demeanour. Symbolising purity and innocence, Glinda's dresses are a perfect choice for those seeking a touch of femininity in their attire. To incorporate Glinda's style into your wardrobe, check out the Glinda Ellie Nap Dress in pink stripe organza. This dress from Hill House is part of a two-piece capsule collection in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the musical's Broadway version. 


Elphaba's iconic glasses


Elphaba, the misunderstood Wicked Witch of the West, is instantly recognisable by her green skin, typically all-black attire, and bookish spectacles. Her glasses allude to her intelligence, independence, and unique perspective on the world. They're also an integral part of her character's identity. To emulate Elphaba's style, look for prescription glasses with a vintage feel, like the round Ja-Jo Optics from Ray-Ban or the Hexagonal Optics, which have a slightly more geometric look. Or, for a truly Ozian vibe, go for the Kristin Optics which are available with emerald green frames. If you're a glasses-wearer, these specs can be customised according to your prescription, but you can also get them without prescriptions. 


The Emerald City's dazzling sunglasses


The Emerald City, with its vibrant colours and opulent decor, serves as a treasure trove of fashion inspiration. In the stage version, emerald-tinted eyewear worn by visitors and its inhabitants shields their eyes from the brightness of the city's lights. Similarly, Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing green circular sunglasses from Tiffany & Co. in an obvious nod to Ozian fashion. For a more affordable version of these frames that you can wear daily, try the Round Metal sunglasses by Ray-Ban. These sunglasses come in 14 colourways, including ones with green lenses. 


Scheduled for release on November 27, 2024, the film promises to transport viewers to a world filled with magic and wonder. As Wicked makes its long-awaited transition from stage to screen, fans of the musical can rejoice in the opportunity to bring a touch of Ozian fashion into their own wardrobes. From Glinda's enchanting dresses to Elphaba's iconic glasses, there are endless ways to channel the magic of the Land of Oz in your everyday style. So embrace your inner witch or wizard, and let the fashion of Wicked cast its spell on you.


Photo credit:  @vanityfair and @wickedmovie on Instagram