Wicked: Part One is set to be released on November 27, 2024.

About singing with Ariana Grande, Cynthia Erivo has said to “Today”: “Our voices are very different, as you know, but for some reason when we sing, they sound like one voice. We discovered it when we were rehearsing and singing together. We work really well together, our voices…It's amazing. We still, it astounds us. I love listening to her, she loves listening to me. I love singing with her. We love singing together because when we can find the sound together, it's really lovely.”


During a recent interview, Stephen Schwartz explained why Wicked needed to be split into two parts, instead of telling the magical tale with a single movie:

“Most of it has been shot. We ultimately decided to do two movies because we couldn't get it all crammed into one movie without, we felt, really compromising the story. We thought no one wanted to sit for four hours and see one movie [laughs], so it got divided into two movies. But yeah, most of it has been shot. The actors' strike, of course, meant that they couldn't quite finish. Now that that's settled, they'll finish the principal photography for that. But our director, Jon Chu, has been editing for months.”


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Picture: Fan-made poster.