Madagascar the Musical is back on the road, and it's still wildly entertaining! This time around, it's all about the timeless humour, surprisingly catchy tunes (seriously, those songs get stuck in your head for days!), and a cast that delivers roar-some performances.

Everyone knows the story by now: four pampered New York zoo animals - Alex the Lion (Joseph Hewlett), sassy Gloria the hippo (Jarnéia Richard-Noel brings the sass and soul in the theatre!), Marty the zebra (Francisco Gomes, his rapping jokes are fantastic), and hypochondriac giraffe Melman (Joshua Oakes-Rogers) - find themselves shipwrecked in the wilds of Madagascar.

The simple plot takes a backseat to the hilarious situations they encounter, a rollercoaster ride from the penguins' Antarctic misadventures (turns out, escaping a zoo isn't the only challenge they face!) to the "distinguished" chimps who take major offence at being compared to regular monkeys. It's a laugh-a-minute for all ages, with witty one-liners and slapstick humour that keeps the energy high throughout.

Fabian Aloise's choreography remains a highlight, the dancers moving with an infectious joy that makes you want to tap your feet (or, you know, discreetly wiggle in your seat). But with temperatures soaring in UK theatres, the question is: can the costumes keep up? Tom Roger's designs are undeniably eye-catching - Alex's mane is truly majestic, Gloria's outfit is a vibrant explosion of colour - but the heat makes you wonder if some lighter fabrics or strategic ventilation might be in order. Maybe a strategically placed fan for the poor penguins? Regardless of the costume situation (though a little audience sympathy wouldn't hurt!), Madagascar the Musical is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, perfect for families or anyone looking for a fun escape. Just be prepared to sweat it out alongside the performers (unless they take my costume suggestion to heart!).

It runs until 11 May. More info: here.