"Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York)," the delightful new musical gracing the Criterion Theatre stage, is a charming confection that will leave you smiling long after the curtain falls. This witty tale RomCom written and composed by Jim Barne and Kit Buchan follows the chance encounter of two strangers, Amelia (Dujonna Gift), a spunky New Yorker with a dream, and Dougal (Sam Tutty), a wide-eyed Brit with a precarious cake and a mission. Their paths collide on a snowy Manhattan street, setting off a whirlwind adventure that takes them across the iconic city.

Fueled by a captivating pop score and clever lyrics, the show celebrates the magic of connection and the unexpected turns life can take. Gift and Tutty shine as Amelia and Dougal, their chemistry crackling with both humour and tenderness. Gift's powerhouse vocals and comedic timing perfectly complement Tutty's endearing charm and soulful voice. Director Tim Jackson masterfully navigates the bustling streets and hidden corners of New York, transforming the stage into a vibrant tapestry of the city's energy thanks also to Soutra Gilmour's versatile set, with a beautiful towering stack of suitcases that dominate the stage like a mountain.

"Two Strangers" is a refreshing take on the classic rom-com formula, subverting expectations and delivering a message of friendship, self-discovery, and the importance of embracing the unexpected. With its infectious energy, phenomenal performances, and witty script, this delightful musical is a must-see for anyone seeking a heart-warming escape and a touch of New York magic.

It runs until 14 July. Tickets: here.

Photo: Tristram Kenton



Before the show, we had dinner at Dalloway Terrace.

The place is itself an experience perfectly suited for a pre-theatre outing. Stepping into the restaurant is like entering a whimsical wonderland. Beautiful decor and a charming ambience instantly transport you, setting the stage for a delightful evening.

Our meal began with a delightful starter: the Devon hand-picked crab. Light, fresh, and bursting with flavour, it was a perfect way to open the night. The main course, the cornfed chicken breast, was cooked to juicy perfection, and accompanied by asparagus, mushrooms and a truffle sauce. Finally, the custard tart delivered a sweet and satisfying finale.

From the first bite to the last, Dalloway Terrace impressed. Whether you're looking for a delicious meal or a charming escape before a West End show, this restaurant is sure to leave you wanting a standing ovation.