Jonathan Pie, the brilliant creation of Tom Walker, is a force to be reckoned with in the online sphere, masquerading as a bold broadcaster and fictional 'senior deputy political correspondent for the BBC.' His passionate tirades deliver scathing critiques of the political establishment, crowning him as one of the UK's sharpest satirists.

Walker's material is both insightful and well-informed, delivered with an undeniable fury that cuts through the absurdities and inequalities of life in 2024. He commands the stage with impressive energy, unleashing a barrage of invective-laden, creatively crafted insults.

Billed as a celebration of the UK's heroes while mercilessly torching its villains, Pie's performance leans heavily towards the latter. The majority of his fire is directed at the Tories, sparing no high-profile Conservative from his blistering commentary. Despite his focus on the Tories, Pie insists his aim is not merely ad hominem attacks but a broader critique of a ruling party dominated by Etonians. After a brief nod to Boris Johnson, “a big blonde bumbling blob of ego and lies”, Pie delves into more risqué subjects, touching on the pressures of modern life and the power of hope, albeit with a slightly shaky delivery that may be refined in subsequent performances.

Pie's passionate political commentary is more crucial than ever in a post-truth world. Through the persona of Jonathan Pie, Tom Walker fearlessly speaks truth to power, reminding us of the necessity of outspoken political voices in our society.

It runs until 27 April.

Review:  Bibi Lucille