Brief encounter is a Noel Coward’s classic (1945) movie about the secret love of Laura (Isabel Pollen) and Alec ( Jim Sturgeon). They are both married and one day they accidentally meet at a train station and start their relationship that hardly will have a happy ending.

There is a beautiful atmosphere in this show. An elegance, a dignity, a grace that is a mark of Emma Rice’s productions. There is sadness for the feeling of a love that is not meant to be but there are also many comic moments because the one between Laura and Alec is only one of the three love stories followed by the play.

It is a show beautiful to see. The only thing is that last year, Emma Rice’s Romantics Anonymous has been one of my favorite shows. And if I have to compare the two, well, Anonymous wins it all.

For me, the real surprise of the show is the very talented Jos Slovick, who basically sings most of the songs. He has a fresh and natural look, plays all the instruments and sings beautifully.

An old school, great night out.