A night of "opulence, decadence, and thrilling allure" awaits as tantalising burlesque acts perform for your pleasure as you sip delicious cocktails and eat a lovely meal. Certainly a little spicier than other burlesque events, but filled with fun and jaw-dropping feats, you will definitely leave with wide eyes!
The atmosphere of the evening is appropriately saucy throughout - from the dimly lit bar, excellent background music, and gorgeously-attired staff, one feels transported to a world of luxury with all sorts of raunchy potential! 

We are greeted by the vocal delights of Ella Clayton Bell who is an exceptional talent - she captures the essence of classic cabaret beautifully, charming the audience with her stunning performance - before our host for the evening, the fabulous Mistress Amy Lou Black, takes to the stage. 

Amy does an excellent job of engaging with the audience, balancing a fun line between the dominating mistress of ceremonies and a warm host of a variety evening. A talented performer in her own right, we are delighted when she, too, joins the impressive line-up of performers and moves around the room as if she owns it!

The acts themselves are all fantastic, though could perhaps lean into the camp and frivolous nature of burlesque a little more at times; some are completely show-stopping like the spellbinding striptease to Moulin Rouge's Roxanne, and the mesmerising sensual acrobatics of Ella Judge and William Parsonage. 
While there is little to critique of the evening (other than some delays in service of the delicious meals provided), it did not go unnoticed that the female staff dressed in revealing (very beautiful) lingerie while the men were in trousers and shirts. Though aesthetically very appealing, luxurious, and in-keeping with the vibe of the night, there was a clear disparity that was not necessary and could have been easily avoided with uniform adjustments on either side. 

Furthering this dated aspect of the show (which would appear to encourage self-expression, openness, and celebration of bodies), almost every woman who graces the stage has the same body type. They are all talented and stunning, but the lack of any body diversity is incredibly apparent. 
With some steps needed to bring this speakeasy into the 21st Century, but a salacious and fun evening nonetheless, you can catch the Secret Burlesque Society show at Proud City every Friday and Saturday evening. 

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Review: Penny Lane