Nestled in the intimate space of the Bridewell Theatre, just a stone's throw from London's Blackfriars Station,  Broadway and West End stars Devon-Elise Johnson and the indomitable Jye Frasca are partnering to show us the real meaning of matching your feet to the beat of your heart.

Allan Knee draws on his flair for matching music to dialogue in a tender and meaningful way; Henry Ribolow is a meatpacker and Anna Bianchi is a seamstress. The one thing they have in common is their love of dance, and make it their mission to become stellar Ballroom Dancers in 1912 in New York.  Without prior knowledge or each other, they come together despite having separate journeys.  Director Karen Jemison and and choreographer Jenny Thomas have allowed the audience to become embroiled in the tone and nuance of the piece, set to the soundtrack of Ragtime with a score specifically curated for London, the tones of jazz highlight that in the world of dance, syncopation can be described as dancing improvised steps on an unstressed beat and this is theme that runs throughout - Henry with his desire to become a great ballroom dancer and Anna with her curiosity of wishing to try something new.

The set is simple but effective; the costumes match the lighting and at times the beat is so soft that all one can do is sit back and watch the beautiful lines which fans of a popular weekend entertainment programme will appreciate.  The show could be considered somewhat of a slow burner, but it's important to remember that, just as when learning the intricacies of a beautiful dance, perseverance will yield huge rewards.

It runs until 13 April.

Review Kay Johal