“Mind Mangler, Member of the Tragic Circle” stars Henry Lewis as the Mind Mangler and Johnathan Sayer as his Stooge. The characters have been given the spotlight since their hilarious appearance in Magic Goes Wrong. The Mischief Theatre production is another triumph amongst their existing comedy selection. It is full of well-staged chaos expected from a Mischief comedy but also features a range of impressive magic tricks and incorporates an unexpectedly moving bromance into the performance.   

Before the show begins, the audience witnesses a glitzy Vegas-like stage designed by Sara Perks. The pre-show activities are simply delightful, inviting audience members to write down their deepest, darkest secrets and try to break the code of a safe. Smooth jazz music composed by the recently deceased Steve Brown accompanies the pre-show shenanigans until curtains up.

The sound of applause welcomes the Mind Mangler on stage. Throughout the show, Henry Lewis had the audience in the palm of his hand with superb comical timing and improvisation. His highlights include a series of hilarious “Quick Fire Jesus” sketches, which involved some Bible stories in the form of a magic trick. The actor takes the audience on a journey, as his tricks become more complex, until gasps are heard from the audience at the end. Apart from the variety of comic relief the Mind Mangler brings to the show, there is another level of depth brought to the role, especially in the developing bromance between himself and his Stooge.

The Stooge is the perfect supporting role in the play. Johnathan Sayer portrays the dark horse of the magician's nervous assistant, which the audience grows to adore. His ability to work off the Mind Mangler and entice the audience during the participation segments was a sight to behold. His highlight during the show involved getting recommendations from the audience about what kind of animal he should turn the Mind Mangler into. His energy simply filled the room and complemented the Mind Mangler showmanship perfectly.

The Mind Mangler is a great night out for families that don't mind a bit of adult humour. The magic tricks will make people revisit the show again and again giving their guesses on how the tricks worked, and what stays the same. It is a night to remember that will keep audiences coming back.



 It runs until Sunday 28 April 2024. Tickets: here.

Review: Ramsey Baghdadi       Photo: Pamela Raith