In an effort to score an early-bird Ed Fringe fee, Huge Davies had to name his show before actually writing it. The consequence: a murder mystery performed via the medium of musical stand-up comedy!

This show is very much a mixed bag, but with moments of utter side-splitting hilarity. While the narrative of the murder mystery itself gets a little lost at times, it's a great and unique concept that certainly has potential. The isolated sections of comedy don't seem to gel together as well as they might, with an incredibly funny remix of The Snowman feeling like recycled (albeit truly excellent) Christmas material, and not nearly enough is revisited of the hysterical The Apprentice music analysis. It is a show with waves of exceptional comedy, and a few too many lulls, but the gold dust really is magic. 

Davies is a talented comic, with some brilliantly written jokes and expert use of call-backs, but occasionally comes across as nervous, causing his diction to suffer (and thus also our understanding of the script) and the general atmosphere to become ever so slightly uncomfortable at times. However, what is evident from the very first note is that he is an incredibly talented musician - whenever his hands are gracing the keyboard keys, he is clearly at home, and we are instantly put at ease. 

With some more work, this show has the potential to be absolutely extraordinary, and as it is Davies will not fail to surprise and delight audiences with his weird and wonderful unique style.
A master of both the ivories and the exceptionally awkward pause, Huge Davies is one to watch and Whodunnit is well worth catching at the Soho Theatre until 2nd March.


Review: Pippa Searle