U.Me is a radio musical telling the story of two thirty-somethings, Rose, played by Anoushka Lucas, and Ryo, played by Martin Sarreal, falling in love worlds apart during the pandemic. Narrated by Stephen Fry, the story takes listeners through challenges of modern romance and sufferings of mental health. The musical takes the stance of love is not always how it is seen in Hollywood movies, and guides listeners through twists and turns, leaving them wanting more.

The challenge of radio musical is to create clear image of what is happening for listeners to step into that with the dialogue and animation created by Simon Pitts, Theo Jamieson and Dan Masterton. This approach to set the scene, however, is maintained at times during the musical numbers, where lyrics were a little too literal of the character's actions. Despite this minor setback, the music is soulful throughout sung by a very talented cast, showing their ability to create heart-warming harmonies with “I feel different” and “Yuri and Kate”.

The musical identifies major lessons for younger people to learn in modern society, such as the importance of forgiving others for their mistakes and to not let the little things keep you down. It will especially appeal to musical fans going through mental health issues and identity crises, letting them know they are not alone. It is worth listen for those who are looking for something new on their commute or to feel like dancing in their living room.

Available on BBC World Service, YouTube and all major podcast providers.


Reviewer: Ramsey Baghdadi