Lee Mack, Sarah Alexander and Frances Barber star in The Unfriend a new comedy by Steven Moffat currently performing at the Wyndham's Theatre in London’s West End. 

Many of us have met people on holiday who in a moment of madness we exchange details with and half-heartedly agree to meet up with again in the “real” world. What happens when that holiday friend turns out to have an extremely questionable dark past?

Meeting Elsa (Frances Barber) on a luxury cruise the couple find themselves in a situation they can’t get out of. Complete with an entourage of suitcases Elsa descends on their “little house” for an indefinite length of stay.

Peter (Lee Mack) thrives on being angry and has an annoying habit of half-listening to people who are talking to him. Especially the bored neighbour (Nick Sampson) whose obsession with the soil lying against the neighbours' adjoining wall in the back garden is enough to drive anyone mad by his incessant pestering and “popping in” especially when you are busy.

However, all is not lost as the couple’s relationship with their two teenagers Alex (Jem Matthews) and Rosie (Maddie Holliday) improves beyond recognition and the two appear to have been positively influenced by Elsa’s stay. 

Mack delivers comedy with excellent ease and for fans of his comedy, his performance is excellent. A comedian whose facial expressions speak a thousand words and add another depth to the production. 

Director Mark Gatiss, whose performance as a director in The Motive and The Cue currently on in the Noel Coward Theatre “behind” The Wyndham. Offers a dark comedy insight into what could happen if you allow yourself to be coerced by a charismatic stranger on holiday. 

The storyline is easy to follow, with a huge amount of Mack and Barber comedy performances. The Unfriend offers a good choice for a night out in the Theatre.

It runs until 9 March. Tickets from £25: here.


Review: Elaine Chapman                 Photos: Manuel Harlan