Yes, this is mostly a theatre blog. But theatre and music are indissolubly connected. And, also, why not share with you one of the most exciting nights I had lately?

The Live Unplugged Series is a series of nights made for listening to national and international singers performing classic soul and R&B songs. I can hear you: what is new about some live music in London? Well, first of all, the quality. The singers performing change every week, and yesterday Paris Ruel, Hayley-Ria Christian and Acantha Lang left the audience speechless. Beautiful, beautiful voices with a strong soul influence.

Second, if you love black music (like I do) you will be in heaven. In one night, you can hear songs of  Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, Louis Armstrong,  Anita Baker, James Brown, Prince, Roberta Flack, Gladys Knight – and many more. And some originals too.

Third, the atmosphere is absolutely amazing. Relaxed, but the emotions are palpable all around the tables.

Fourth, Toulouse Lautrec Club is such a nice venue, and it was a real discovery for me (the restaurant is so cosy – maybe next time I will have dinner there)

Finally, the idea of Ovie (the man behind Crazysexycoool – with three O – entertainment – you can check their website) of discovering hugely talented singers to bring to different audiences and have the possibility to talk to them and share ideas and visions, in my opinion, is brilliant.

Ok, I will stop my list here, but you got the message. If you will go to one of the next shows, we are sure you will have one of the best nights out. Let us know!