The new exhibition dedicated to the King of Rock n’ Roll features over 400 artefacts that were held in his home in Memphis. Guests should prepare to see possessions throughout his life, including his jumpsuits, guitars, sports cars and film memorabilia. This is a true ode to the Elvis Presley fanatics and gives an inside look at the artist’s claim to fame. 

The tour of Elvis Presley’s life is over 11,000 square feet and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get around leisurely. The Arches London Bridge provided a generous amount of space to allow visitors to enjoy the collection, starting from the early years of his life to the sparkle of his Las Vegas career. An audio tour is also available to learn even more about his career and listen to his classics. 

At the entrance, visitors are welcomed by the iconic golden phone and glasses as they are ushered into the first arch.  It starts with his childhood, giving an impression of the simplistic lifestyle he had before his glamorous rock career. The artefacts draw a clear picture of how his lifestyle changed as his confidence as an artist grew. Then it goes on to his career as a young man, from his first job, joining the army, to being discovered. After this, it's his life in the celebrity lane, surrounded by motorcycles, sports cars and performance gear, including iconic golden sparkly jumpsuits, necklaces and rings. One thing missing from the exhibition was help direction. The inter-woven setup of the arches could mean visitors missing key parts of the exhibition. Granted freedom of exploration can be a great way to manage exhibitions, however some kind of suggestion of which part to go to next would have been helpful.

Once visitors have visited the exhibition, they have the chance to keep the memory alive with a souvenir at the gift shop. There is an array of different souvenirs available from clothes to key-rings to books. The experience will make Elvis lovers dance their blue swayed shoes all the way home. An exhibition that ultimately will make any visitor smile.

Tickets are available until 26th February 2024 here.


Review: Ramsey Baghdadi