Created and directed by dance royalty Arlene Phillips, and starring Karen Ruimy who leads an exceptional company of dancers, House of Flamenka returns to the Peacock after last year's successful run.

Award-winning choreographers James Cousins and flamenco master Francisco Hidalgo come together to choreograph this dance extravaganza billed as a “lavish, extravagant and sexy fusion of Flamenco and Contemporary dance' and it certainly is.

When one hears the word ‘Flamenco' we immediately associate it with seduction, Spanish dancers, the distinct sound of a castanet, the enveloping tapping of a shoe, the beating of a drum, and that undeniably powerful connection between movement and music.  House of Flamenka is a nonstop collection of dances that imbues an almost surreal androgynous world where movement and the energetic fusion between bodies collide in one glorious and dramatic showcase. It's an almost spiritual vacation and one where we see artistry on stage in all its forms. Flamenco dance certainly makes an appearance throughout however, the production embodies a more burlesque look and feel with cabaret-style energy which makes the show even more appealing. The staging is large and enveloping with an unquestionably loud beat of an eclectic soundtrack (Spanish hip-hop, grunge, garage, with a few classics thrown in). The sets are sumptuous with just the right amount of colourful splendour and stark darkness effectively adding to the ebb and flow of the show's trajectory. It's as if the dancers are solely performing for you, and you alone. It's very intoxicating and that's due to the mastermind behind it. 


Don't expect a storyline, but energy, passion, drama and explosive choreography: a feast for the senses.

It runs until 28 October. Tickets from £ 23: here.

Photos: Danny Kaan.