There is a new immersive – or should we say submersive – theatrical game in London Bridge.

Escape from The Golden Hinde has been created by the team behind Secret Studio - London's top escape game.

Aboard a historic reconstruction of Francis Drake's ship, The Golden Hinde, moored at St Mary Overie's Dock on the banks of the Thames at London Bridge, you have 60 minutes to explore the vessel, solve its fiendish mysteries, and escape ashore.

The ship holds an unhappy mix of spirits. You will be locked on the ship with these ghosts and a bizarre but hilarious cast of characters until you work your way out. To do that, you will have to solve different types of puzzles and overcome a few challenges that will keep you and your team busy thinking and entertained for the entire time, thanks also to the engaging and enthusiastic cast.

And because the Golden Hinde is a perfect reconstruction of the ship Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world in the 1570s, from the second you arrive it is easy to feel immersed in the whole story and the 60 minutes flow by.

It is a fun immersive escape room experience, and an accessible and entertaining challenge for everyone, really (but mind your head!). Oh, and you will learn some history too!


Tickets here - and you have a 20% discount until 15th November using the code THEATREREVIEW