Named after one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Copacabana is the summer celebration show of the London Cabaret Club. Conveniently located in Holborn, it has become one of the most entertaining nights out in London, combining fine dining, cocktails and exciting shows.


Guests are welcomed to a room with a bar where they can sit before the main event starts. The performers break into show routines to give you a taster of what’s to come. 


You are then escorted to your table. All tables give a clear view of the stage.

There are different types of tickets: ‘Silver’ (from £40 per person), ‘Gold’ (80), and ‘Diamond’ (£130), to ‘Royal Diamond’ (£185) and you can find more details in the link below. 


Artistic Director and choreographer Doni Fierro, in collaboration with London Cabaret CEO Evelina Girling, have created a new show that transports the audience to Rio de Janeiro, thanks also to the impressive costumes.

The three acts feature incredibly talented dancers, singers, acrobats, and are an explosion of vibrant colours, music and dancing. There is a central stage but the artists are also in the aisles – a truly immersive performance. You are not in London anymore. You are in Brasil – an electric atmosphere.

The dinner menu is Brazilian-themed and delicious.  If you like cocktails, they have created a limited-edition rum-based cocktail, ‘Euphoria’. Incorporating playful elements from the show, ‘Euphoria’ will feature Havana 3yrs, Captain Morgan, fresh orange and pineapple, a dash of curaçao blue and wild berry syrup served with a passion fruit on fire.

The resident DJ at the end of the night plays an entertaining, varied mix of music for dancing.  


London Cabaret Club’s Copacabana is a fabulous and uplifting celebration of life, music and dancing. It is cabaret at its best.


In runs until 21 October. Tickets: here.