There's nothing complicated about this 60-minute re-version of Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'. Sit back, relax and take in this swashbuckling performance in the calming and charming surroundings of Ealing's Walpole Park.

The comedy is brought to life in the natural setting with the birds tweeting overhead. In essence, there is no set as the open surroundings of the park become the show's stage, the Forest of Arden, where most of the play is set.
Orlando (Zak Bates) is warned of a plot by his older brother Oliver (Tom Lotherington), who hates him, so he seeks refuge in the forest. It's bittersweet after he met and fell in love with Rosalind (Emma Langmaid). She is then banished and decides to hide in the same forest with her cousin Celia (Elle O'Donnell). The kindred cousins decide to disguise themselves - Rosalind becomes a young man Ganymede and Celia is her shepherdess sister Aliena.
Ganymede finds Orlando and proposes to cure him of his love. To do this successfully, Orlando must woo Ganymede as if he were actually Rosalind...even though under the boyish clothes, 'he' is Rosalind.

Then comes a plot twist. Another shepherdess, Phoebe,  (Jessie-Wren Jacobs), falls in love with Ganymede while the shepherd Silvius (Paddy Lish) aimlessly follows her around to win her over.
The actors make the most of this mistaken identity and gracefully inject laughter into the performance.
And in true Shakespeare comedy, everyone lives happily ever after, with the revelation moment spurring on wedded bliss for multiple couples.

And just because it's Shakespeare, doesn't mean it's out of date and out of touch. The themes are still relevant today as they were back then, highlighting social and political inequality, as well as gender non-conformity.
This collaboration sees Persever Productions team up with Drama Studio London to bring together experienced actors cast alongside local drama school students and recent graduates. The result is a delightful mix of old and new performing as a team.

Performances are on until August 28, with two shows a day, at 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Tickets: here.

This is a family-friendly show, so don't be shy - the organisers encourage people of all ages to come along - so feel free to bring young babies, children, and even pets. Don't forget your sunscreen.