Hot fire tornadoes, cool liquid nitrogen clouds, light hydrogen bottle rockets - these are just some of the breathtaking elements that make up Ministry of Science Live! show at the Savoy Theatre.


Expect crashes, bangs and wallops, learn about the people behind the world of science and be prepared to be wowed.


Ministry of Science Live! is not just about theory, oh no, presenters Mike Goble and Olivia Birchenough bring it all to life with their strong, fun and wacky stage presence.


The two were so natural in their on-stage interactions and brought the whole show to life. It’s interactive, fun, fun, fun, especially for children big and small, some of whom are picked at random to assist with some of the explosive experiments.


A two-minute recital of the periodic table in a song was one of the highlights of the show. Again, not only was it educational and entertaining but it felt like it couldn’t be possible…and then Mike made it happen in such an engaging way.


It’s best not to divulge the show’s ins and outs, so you can experience the experiments for yourselves, but expect the unexpected. 


But what I can say is, at the interval, don’t just expect your average ice-cream tubs on sale - this show is on at the Savoy Theatre after all. Yes, you’ll get those tubs, but there are also side stalls selling Japanese mochi ice cream balls in all sorts of wonderful, popping flavours - definitely worth having.


Ministry of Science Live! Is not a standard science show, it’s definitely a cut above the rest! And it’s a gem of a show to help keep the little ones entertained during the school holidays. It's on until 3 September.