A love story can start on a bus. Even if the two persons are not very much alike.
Lucy (Elizabeth Lloyd Raynes) is ambitious; she has planned her whole life and now is just settling down in her new flat. Jim ( Sam Blake) is ingenuous and naïve and lives in a room of his sister's house. He has no clue about his future and a low self esteem.

When they meet on the bus 12, love happens. And it will be a ride though ups and downs, through moments of sweetness, moments of humor, moments of poignancy.

The two actors ( who have a great chemistry on the stage and are a pleasure to watch) deliver a fast and nice fringe play that talks about love, modern society and humanity. It is about London but is universal, too.

Next time you are on the bus, think that maybe you can find love just in that bus. If you won’t be too busy watching your phone.