Bones by Lewis Aaron Wood highlights and exposes the toxic masculinity present in the world of Rugby. Mental health especially for men is viewed as a weakness and all you need to do is “man up” and get on the pitch to play the game!


Ed (Ronan Cullen) potentially has the world of professional rugby at his feet. With Rugby talent scouts watching the team's upcoming semifinal game, his teammates cannot understand why he is attempting to sabotage his “bones” in order not to play. Ed isn't willing to talk as he fears repercussions from his family and fellow teammates.


Recognising mental health issues is a large part of seeking the help required and finding out the root causes of the problem. Telling anyone that all they need to do is “man up” is derogatory and unhealthy. Ed recognises there is a problem and needs to find a “safe place” to analyse and heal, the pitch for the time being isn't the environment he requires.


There is a powerful metaphor between a rugby scrum and the “whole” of a man's body and mind. When every part is working together and intune they can perform to the best of their ability and can conquer anything. However, when one part is unaligned the rest quickly falls apart. Leaving everything in disarray.


The choreography and direction by Daniel Blake throughout the performance offer the audience an insight into how a rugby scrum is formulated and the adrenaline expended by the players as they prepare to play. The adrenaline-fuelled cast of four draws you into the scrum before they explode into the game taking you with them every throw and try of the way.


In conjunction with LooseHeadz Rugby,'s leading men's mental health charity. Bones highlights the pressure and fragility in the world of Rugby. With a filmed performance of this production to be streamed at local Rubgy clubs during the summer-off season. You definitely don't 't need to be a rugby fan to understand and be engaged in the play.

It runs until 22 July.


Review: Elaine Chapman        Photo: Charles Flint