This story is set in Russia, one hundred years ago. Sashka (Alex Hall) is an abused child who lives in poverty with an alcoholic mother (Samantha Beswick) and a dying father (Paul Dale Vickers).

His life is hopeless and has suicidal intentions. Also, has been expelled from school.

One day, he sees a little angel that decorates a Christmas three (there is a story behind it) and he realizes that this little angel has something that will help him to navigate through the difficulties and become what he wants to become.

This little musical is quite dark. When I see shows set in different ages, I can’t stop thinking how much our society has changed in terms of tackling child abuse and poverty (just this at The little match girl, for example).

Even if the general feeling is darkness and sadness, the style of the songs varies from ballads to upbeat songs, some of them quite catchy.

The five actors on the stage do a good job and the result is an enjoyable, easy to follow story of redemption and hope.