At the Soho Theatre lies a striking, brief little show. The marvellously named I F*cked You In My Spaceship by Louis Emmitt-Stern can boast of its humour and its honesty. Two couples, one gay and the other lesbian, find ways to enhance their relationships. Leo and Dan want to spice things up with a sci-fi-type fantasy with the help of Al, a sex worker. Whilst, Anna and Emily look for a man to help make a surrogate baby for them and it seems Robert is here to help. Can each couple find a way to make it work for all involved and not hurt anyone in the process?

I'm glad it was as funny as it was billed to be. It was the realism of the whole humour, the quirks and quips we say each day that rang true. The actors filled the petite space. One scene felt straight out of Angels in America, with the couples overlapping in their developing predicaments. Each couple brings into their space someone new and whilst one of the endings is sad, the other is strange and sweet.

I'm loving this cast. Jonas Moore as Leo and Max Hyner as Dan had chemistry, the lovers who just want to take this odd fetish further. They showed vulnerability and passion in excess and I was rooting for them. Felix Kai is the spanner in their works as Al, who takes things further with their play and I won't spoil the ending though. I loved Felix's sassiness and passive-aggressive nature, it was dripping.

Fanta Barrie and Anna Lucy Spreckley as Anna and Emily capture a real deep-rooted desire for a child, touching moments for anyone to watch. The whole experience of the method of acquiring a child's way must be hard work and the script does well to deceit this endeavour. My favourite character has got to be Robert, played by Jacob Bukasa. The father-to-be, though not anonymous as expected, more hands-on, deadpan with his talk and manipulative in some respects. A treat.

With the rest of the week run left, I would highly recommend this fun and honest play.

It runs till 8th July

Review: James Ellis   Photo: Lidia Crisafulli