Once upon a time in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino wrote history with the style of his movies: monumental and raw films never to be forgotten.
“Tarantino Live: Fox Force Five & The Tyranny of Evil Men” attempts to frame his motion pictures’ spirit in a concert-like musical, quickly moving from scene to scene, movie to movie,  trying to centre the show with a narrator at a piano keyboard.

Entering studio 2, at Riverside Studios we encounter a slightly altered seating system which looks fun at the beginning but is ultimately chaotic, with different members of the staff asking people to move about.

The show itself starts very loudly and coarsely (perhaps too much), with a little blood but not at Tarantino’s levels. The scenes’ sequence, changing from movie to movie, is not organic and a bit random. The biggest issue is that, without remembering the movies, it is impossible to enjoy the scenes, as they are cut too short (“You Never Can Tell” twist dance from Pulp Fiction lasts at most 3 seconds). Still, the cast are mostly formed by talented, if not excellent singers, who act and dance adequately, and a groovy live band.

There is not much of Tarantino’s genius in this show, but you can find a load of high energy.

It runs until the 13th of August.