Dirty Cabaret Dancer is a new experience hosted by Proud Cabaret, offering a flirty night of entertainment. 

Entering the venue, located under Waterloo Bridge, you are guided into a glitzy Cabaret space, home to an interactive performance area for the various acts to play with throughout the night. 


Proud Cabaret will provide a variety of acts with every night, on which this night is hosted by the hilarious Aidan Sadler. There are various stand-out acts amongst the show on this particular night, such as burlesque performer Jake Dupree, and the incredible aerialists The Seifert Sisters. You are sat in your seat in awe of the strength, bravery, and mastery of the individuals on stage.


Although the acts are clearly extremely talented, their performance is overshadowed by the weak storyline the show follows, and the chaotic front-of-house set-up. Arriving at the venue, you are greeted by waitresses in maid outfits who wait on you throughout the evening – visually something you wouldn’t expect from a traditional cabaret club, and quite potentially a cliché. Once seated, it takes some time for staff to figure out what they should be serving you. The dishes served over the course of the show are tasty, but rather basic. At the high price of the tickets, it’s a shame that the service isn’t smooth, instead, slow and confusing. 


Tickets: here.