The 1970s saw the emergence of new genres and artists which changed the music scene permanently. The days of rock ‘n’ roll, blues and R&B dominating were over, replaced with a wide and interesting spectrum of genres, with disco, funk, and soul becoming arguably the most popular of the decade.  

The disco scene emerged in the UK in the early ‘70s, known as Northern Soul. There were tens of thousands of professional DJs touring the UK. In this decade, American artists such as The Bee Gees, Chic and Diana Ross recorded several hits, taking the music industry by storm. 

Lost in Music: one night at the Disco is a joyful celebration of this genre - with the audience on their feet from the opening song until the very end of the show (be prepared to dance). The show is more a celebration than a tribute, because all the singers and the band members, under the direction of Tony Wood, are hugely talented. 

From Kevin Cole to Bilal Aygei, Jackie Walters, Natalie Collins and Taryn Charles, the energy is palpable, the vocals impeccable, and the “party atmosphere” feeling, contagious. 


With hits such as Never Can Say Goodbye, On The Radio, Hot Stuff, Car Wash, Boogie Wonderland, Don’t Leave Me This Way, September, I Will Survive and many more, the songs selected are crowd pleasers – but also good choices to represent the “Disco era”. 

The show is produced by “Entertainers”, who stage more than 1,500 separate performances each year, selling over one million seats, with many productions including: ‘Fastlove’, ‘The Magic of Motown’, ‘Cirque: The Greatest Show’, ‘‘80s Live!’, ‘90s Live!’, and many more. 


One night to dance, sing, and just enjoy life. The show is touring the UK, and hopefully, it will come back to London. I recommend this high-quality, feel-good show if you want to be “lost in music”. Real, good music