Life is a cabaret old chum, and Proud Cabaret do it with gusto! On a scorching evening, the weather matching the mood, we attended Burlesque Provocateur at Proud City.  There are also venues in Embankment and Brighton which allow wider access to this production - show and a menu choice all rolled into one ticket price. 

Whether you are a group of post-work pals on an evening out, a couple, or even just you and your best friend there is something for all. Just be prepared this is not for the faint-hearted, its raunchiness is at notch five on the dial! 

We indulged in the set meal from the Spring Menu and sat back to enjoy the night. A side note: the food was fabulous, even though the table service was not great.

Desiree who hails from Gerona was the compère with fantastic stage presence and a voice to match— effortlessly whipping up audience participation remembering their names and working their stories into her banter with a flourish. As you’d expect from burlesque there is saucy innuendo, fire eating, acrobatics and more. Tassels were on sale as well as sparkling suspenders, to spice up all areas of your life.
Desiree’s rendition of Con te Partiro' had already highlighted her operatic training but her pop was also impressive. At one point she had the audience in the palm of her hand, doing their best orgasm sounds on request to her song and begging for more. She described working in a tough industry, and keeping fit whilst going on auditions. She’s one to watch, for sure but recognisable as having been in Mama Mia.
It’s clear that attention has been paid to the finer details of this type of performance, the batting of eyelids, and the clicking of fingers could have been clunky but here it was effortless and steamy. It is indeed Badly Behaved Burlesque at its best.

Tickets: here.


Review: Kay Johal