Are you a rock 'n' roll dreamer? If so, you are needed to keep the legacy of music alive. We Will Rock You is the ultimate Queen musical, and the global smash hit of over 20 years is now on a limited run at the London Coliseum to extend its audiences of millions. Having never done so before, the legendary writer and director of the production, Ben Elton, stars in the piece as the Rebel Leader, alongside theatrical royalty and vocal powerhouse, Brenda Edwards as Killer Queen, and Lee Mead as Khashoggi. Featuring 24 of the band's biggest and most beloved tracks, there is an unforgettable evening to be had.

Set in an unknown, futuristic time where Globalsoft Corporation's aim is for the world to be absorbed in the internet, the irony of reviewing it online doesn't go amiss! After a demonstration of the projections that lead the setting throughout, 'Radio Ga Ga' kicks off the proceedings as a company of robotic graduates appear across the stage. The electric choreography by Jacob Fearey instantly draws in the audience with its slick movements which continue over the course of the show, often incorporating many cast members and allowing for good use of space. When Galileo Figaro - a lost boy, who doesn't understand why he's so different, played by Ian Macintosh - meets fellow outcast, nicknamed Scaramouche (Elena Skye), a hilariously sarcastic purple-haired firecracker, their relationship grows with a desire to embrace their unique love for music, despite it being so forbidden. Elena's solo rendition of 'Somebody To Love' was a flawless introduction to the talent she possesses, and an immediate standout, giving goosebumps. Once the pair find a group of others who share their passions (and equally eccentric, pop idol names), Britney 'Brit' Spears, played by Adrian Hansel is never afraid to display his buff physique, whereas later on, Meat Loaf - Christine Allado - gives an impressive and moving performance of 'No-One But You' in respect of all those artists that we lost too soon.



Those bass notes you can feel in your heart mean you know you’re in for a ride. With a Queen catalog behind it, there was no doubt that every song is a success in We Will Rock You. From a selection of incredible tracks such as 'Don't Stop Me Now' and 'Another One Bites The Dust' sung primarily by Brenda Edwards, to the iconic 'We Are The Champions', and of course, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as an encore, there's no faulting the classic rock legends. Despite some lyrics adapted to fit, the production seems largely built around the compositions, which means there are some moments that feel comedic as a random burst into song forces the plot to merge around it (notably 'Bicycle Race'!) and overall, therefore, a bit strange in parts, not to mention a fairly similar concept to a couple of others that have hit the stage. Littered with jokes and plenty of musical references for all generations at every possible moment, in conjunction with the universal adoration of the band's work, it is a show for everyone.

Having had a plethora of venues across the world, the set doesn't prove to be particularly flamboyant, as its touring capacity is largely evident. However, the scenery for the grungy bohemian camp gives an apt atmosphere to match the array of costumes, designed by Kentaur. Killer Queen's stunning sparkling blue ensemble, among others worn by her, provides the ideal glitzy contrast for the roles though.
In all, We Will Rock You has proven itself to be a winning formula for Queen fans everywhere, even with its slightly bizarre storyline. The gift of Freddie Mercury's work remains at the forefront of the piece, with a strong cast, plus the general appeal of the songs and script meaning everyone will want to be a bohemian and part of the rhapsody. Get yourself there quick, before it bites the dust.


It runs until 27 August. Tickets from £15.90: here.


Review: Hannah Crouch          Photos: Manuel Harlan