The Immersive Picture of Dorian Gray by Midnight Circle Productions is an electrifying, thrilling and heart-wrenching take on the classic play.


The immersive experience of Dorian Gray is not one to be missed. Performed in the Crypts, this show takes the audience on a surreal adventure. With four rooms and a corridor, action spills from under the doors and through the walls as the audience decides which part of the action they'd like to witness. Opening with the grand reveal of the picture of Dorian Gray, the scene is set and the actors disperse into separate rooms. 


Each room creates its own atmosphere, with one being a living room, one a dressing room, a makeshift theatre and another an artist's studio. The set design is intricate and detailed, further adding to the wholly immersive experience. Not only is the design thoroughly thought out, specific smells and music are laced into each room; the artist's studio distinctly smells of incense whilst the living room smells of smoke and alcohol. 20s swing jazz plays throughout the beginning of the show until the drama hits and the soundtrack turns into a slow, sinister movement. 


The performances are particularly impressive. Nadia Lamin (playing Victoria Wotten) wholly embodies her character, pulling the audience into her world. The contrast between Lamin's calm, collected and witty state is powerful to see when her arc falls into the scorned woman. 

Richard Watkins performs a dynamic Basil Hallward, truly portraying the heartbreaking experience of unrequited love. 

Harry Harding powerfully captures the intensity of Henry Wotten, making even the audience believe in his twisted views on youth and hedonism. 

Piers Mackenzie beautifully performs the naivety of Dorian Gray and seamlessly transitions into his villainous era. 

Niamh Handley-Vaughan plays the sweet and doting Sybil Vane alongside Miles Blanch who plays her brother. Both are completely convincing and provoked much sympathy with the audience when the tale turns sour. 

Finally, Michael McGarry performs a doting Alan Campbell and Nicholas Benjamin guides us through the night as Mister B. 


The Immersive Picture of Dorian Gray is a wonderful experience and is the best and only way to experience Oscar Wilde. 

It runs until the 29th of April. 


Review: Bibi Lucille