Live onboard action takes to The River Thames as those onboard are taught all about the Terrible Thames as Billy and his teacher take to the stage in a live history lesson. Both believe they have drawn the short straw.


The tours are packed with information and history about the life and times of the River Thames. From where the famous Globe Theatre begin its position on the opposite side of the river and how it was moved across to where it is now. The OXO building managed to negotiate around the “no advertising ban” on the Thames and what took place in the execution dock.

However, the tour is heavily smattered with stories of “dung” and “poo” aimed at the younger audiences' humour with a few choice play on words which sounded “rude” and one younger member could be heard repeatedly saying “Boobica” instead of Boudica. Although it's well-timed, the delivery caused a few murmurs of laughter from the adult audience, too.


The weather slightly dampened the tour as the rain set in. Without any fuss, they announced that we all needed to go below deck. Everyone followed instructions, took our seats below, and the cast took off from where they were interrupted and continued with ease.


Billy's family, through the generations, have worked or been involved with just about everything they discussed onboard. You can't help wondering how big his family actually is!


If you are looking for something to entertain children during the half term, this would certainly be a good choice. As you're not only learning about the “horrible history ” side of The Thames, you also go past iconic landmarks, for example, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the National Theatre and The Globe Theatre. Seeing them from a side, you can only observe and admire them from the river.


It runs until 2 September. Tickets: here.


Review: Elaine Chapman   Photos: Danny Kaan