Gingerline are the founders and pioneers of London's immersive dining scene and their goal is to create the ultimate dining experience. 

Now, how do you review an immersive dinner without spoilers?

So, here it is how it works: you receive a text message at 4 PM telling you how to get to the secret location. And once you enter the building, and you are welcomed for the evening, you begin a journey through five different chambers, beautifully decorated.

Every chamber is different, every chamber is a story, an adventure, a task, a game, an activity. For every chamber, a different food. The narrative of the "main story" is underdeveloped, and, as a result, what happens in the different chambers is quite disjointed. Also, the rooms  have limited space, and it's easy to bump into each other - and probably not everybody likes eating while standing.

The food is delicious, unusual, and well-presented. But, differently from the previous shows, I left the building with appetite.

Well done to all the young actors who played their roles with great professionalism, despite the boiling temperatures of one of the hottest day of the year.

Expect the unexpected, leave your phone, smile, and Bon Apetit!


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Photo:  Rob Greig