Shoreditch Town Hall






The end of the world is coming. The apocalypse is just around the corner.

What better than developing party skills to resist the fear of the death? This is the idea of this immersive and chaotic show that uses all the spaces of Shoreditch Town Hall. Have you ever been there? If not, this would be a good reason to go to see this show. I love this old historic (1865) building, one of the grandest vestry halls and now events venue. So, you will have the occasion to explore all the rooms, and with this ongoing feeling of apocalypse I must admit it is quite an experience.

You then can learn some (new) skills: how to prepare a cocktail, how to build a gas mask, how to make a light bulb, how to create a bouquet of paper flowers, how to fold a napkin, how to peel an orange (really?), how to play a board game, and so forth.

I think the message (if there is one) is: we all will die, so enjoy and have fun as long as you are here. Which I agree. But probably if the show was less disjointed and chaotic, I would have enjoyed more.

One thing I learnt: if the apocalypse is coming, I don’t know what I will do but I will not lose my time preparing Martini cocktails.