Saint Jude is a new audio immersive performance, created by Clem Garrity and Ollie Jones, that uses AI and allows you to communicate with people trapped in lifelong, irreversible comas. 

The experience lasts around 60 minutes; however, it can be shorter or longer depending on the questions you ask and the progress you make. 

As soon as we arrive at 100 Petty France (a mysterious building next to St James's Park tube), and we check in (you will be given a guidebook to prepare you for what is going to happen), Stefan, the instructor of Saint Jude, the medical company, explains that we can bring the sleepers out of their comas by drawing out their secrets (but, hey, the word coma cannot be mentioned!). Every person works at a different station, which makes this experience different from other immersive shows. 

You can ask questions and the sleepers can ask questions back: a real (well, not really, because you are not talking to a real person – even if it feels like it) conversation, where your answers will determine the direction of the narrative. Your experience, therefore, will be different from the others who might experience a different outcome. At the end, you will walk out thinking: “Did I ask the right questions? Did I make the right choices?” 

Saint Jude is an engrossing and at times uncomfortable experience and it is unlike anything else currently in London now. It's innovative and pushes the boundaries of immersive theatre. 


Tickets: here.