Thrown into the world of politics, two seemingly ‘average’ women are plunged into a pool of responsibility; that responsibility being the world. 


Cassie Symes and Georgina Thomas (also known as the Think’n’Fast duo) are inexplicably assigned to becoming world leaders by the UN. Through an email with a video link and a quick discussion of imposter syndrome, the two decide to take on the challenge. Multi-rolling throughout, the pair play duets of your average male world leaders, two female news reporters who supposedly hate each other and themselves. 


With great comical writing and a handful of jokes that will make you belly-laugh, there are some brilliantly farcical ideas at play. Some stand-out moments were from the news reporter scenes, where they would mention a German shepherd stuck in a tree and a lorry turning over on the A1 - both turning out to be a German man who happened to be a shepherd and a man called Laurie who inexplicably ended up on the A1. These great snippets continued to be littered throughout, including a moment where the two women decide to put a ban on oil to save the world - which resulted in the Italians spiralling into a crisis over olive oil. 


Unfortunately, the performances were somewhat lacking in the enthusiasm and energy a farce needs to thrive. The comedic timing did hit at moments but there seemed to be a great deal of hesitation from the duo, which prevented them from elevating the performance to the place it needed to be. 


General Secretary has some genius ideas and fantastic jokes. With some tidying and elevated vitality from the duo, this has the potential to be a truly excellent show. 


Review:  Bibi Lucille