The British Theatre Academy is committed to growing the accessibility of theatre for young people across the UK. They bring theatre lovers of all backgrounds together, to give them opportunities in professional training.


This semi-staged version of Godspell featured some of the West End’s biggest names including Laura Baldwin, Luke Bayer, Rachel John and Ramin Karimloo, as well as 200+ members of the BTA as the ensemble. 


Giving young people a platform to perform is one of the most important things that this industry can do. And more excitingly, giving them a chance to be on stage with some of the West End’s most established and loved names is an opportunity very few get to experience. 


Unfortunately, in this case, although there were a few stand out performers within the ensemble who have massive potential and really commanded the stage, the space felt very busy and the scale of the noise was overwhelming and screechy at times. 


However, it was clear to see how much love went into piecing this show together, and Bayer’s ability to lead the ensemble as Jesus was impressive considering his limited rehearsal time. The BTA do a fantastic job at making theatre more accessible for young people, and this was no different. 


Review: Evie Freeman