It’s that time of the year when cast and audience alike don their festive garb and head to the local theatre venue for a dose of good old-fashioned Panto.

Headlining at the Watford Palace Theatre (a twenty-minute journey from Euston on the Northern Line) Beauty and Beast is taking its candelabra, teapot and saucers out for a spin. The Palace is a sizeable venue and at the 3pm showing, was at full capacity.

Ben Boskovich perfectly compliments Amiyah Goodall as The Beast/Belle in their pairing. There are lots of nuances, the look of the despair turning to the look of love and so many things said without words - the magic captivated the younger children who sat almost spellbound. 


An extra special shout out to Terence Frisch in his TENTH year - Madame Sew N Sew is a grand old dame! Deja Vu had me in stitches and Madame Bouqet came up smelling of roses 

Director James Williams has managed to set the stage and costume department alight with colour and joy; it was what we all need in these rather dreary times (and with a nod towards the football) and a poodle making an appearance - if you see one Panto this year - make it this one!

It runs until 31 December. Link: here.

Review: Kay Johal