Fairytale of New York – Coming Home for Christmas is an Irish-inspired show mixed with X-mas classics. The show was produced and directed by Ged Graham and his grandson Ross Mills, members of the Irish folk band “Seven Drunken Nights – the Story of the Dubliners”. It is a celebration of Christmas festive fun and sets a platform for Ged, Ross and their dance crew to do what they like best; to sing a well-constructed arrangement of Irish ballads that will bring the audience to their feet.

Audiences are welcomed to a stage with heart-warming fairy lights and blue stage lights thanks to designer Zac Leighton. One can instantly feel that there is Christmas magic in the air, and the jaw-dropping stage of Back To The Future can be forgotten for one evening. The show begins and almost from the first song “Fairytale of New York”, the audience is clapping along, as the positive energy from the cast is too infectious to resist. Most of the songs are uplifting and joyful, but there are a few Christmas ballad hits like “O Holy Night”, sung beautifully by Megan Jay, smashing her professional debut. As the show goes on, there is hope for a plot, but doesn't come sadly and apart from a few awkward transitions between songs, the show is saved by the high energy level of performers. Certainly, the full cast know how to work a crowd.

By the end of the night, the Adelphi feels like a full Christmas concert in swing, as people stand up and sway with phone torches shining bright. This show is suitable for everyone, where friends and family members can enjoy a jolly sing-song accompanied by traditional Irish dance, drums, guitars, and violins. If this comes around next year, it is definitely worth the watch.


Review: Ramsey Baghdadi